Installation Guide for Telephone Jack

Telephone jacks are an important socket to have if you have DOT phone or a broadband connection.In order to make sure that it happens properly, it is better to contact professional services for phone jack installation. The following is a step by step guide that will help you to easily install a telephone jack in your house.

Choose a spot

Go to the room where you want to install the jack and identify the best place where it can be installed. Make sure that the spot you decide is situated away from the area that receives heavy traffic.

Analyze the amount of wires required

Now, measure the distance from your old jack to the spot of your new jack and estimate the amount of wires required. Also, buy fasteners and cable ties for better cable management.

Buy a suitable jack

There are 2 types of jack in the market.

  1. Baseboard jack
  2. Wall jack

Base board jack stays above the wall and has space to store extra wiring and wall jack is placed inside the wall. Fix the jack in its place Now, that you have the jack, install it properly to the point that you have decided.Once you have done that, go to the old jack and connect the wires properly into their proper places. After that, draw the wiring while using the fasteners to secure cable with the wall and take the wiring to the new jack. Open it up and attach the wires correctly to their places and seal the jack. Now, your jack is ready to use.

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